The Unknown Machine | 2018

Bernard Rudofsky’s intriguing book Now I Lay Me Down to Eat illustrates some alternative ways of living in the past. How we are living now is the result of the evolution of the past. “What we need is not new technologies but a new way of living...” I always hope to resist the mundane in our daily lives by observing and making some twists of thoughts.


The Unknown Machine aims to invite people to interact with people, to  interact with nature. Getting people together may be the closest way of sharing, transferring, searching and understanding the different truth(unknown).


The Steel poles compose a grid lattice. The layers of grid structures establish a contrast with the organic space inside. I hope that it offers some hints for people to stay, to explore and to imagine.


In Collaboration With : Sunny Poon, Arthur Fong

Shown @ "DeTour 2019", PMQ Hong Kong

Photo Credit: Sunny Poon, Arthur Fong, David Boyce, Kay